M. Kelly

About the Author

M. Kelly was born in Western Australia. She currently lives there. Although she has written many academic papers, Pathways in the Mind is her first novel. She developed the story based on her interest in paranormal psychology, and the story, although fiction, is based on facts.

Having an enquiring mind, she continues a lifetime of study into her favorite subjects: history, politics, religion, and psychology. Since the bombing of the twin towers in the United States, she has studied Islam in the belief one should not criticize one’s brother unless one understands him. Her second novel, Metamorphosis, expresses her main interest in psychology. She has a strong belief in social justice for all peoples of the world.

She is a proud grandmother of seven. Apart from keeping in touch with her many friends on social media, Miriam loves to express herself painting impressionist art and caring for family and her crazy cat, Whiskers.

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