A juncture is a place where two things join and where worlds collide. It is the end of one road and the beginning of another. Juncture can refer to a riveting point in time, especially one made critically important by the concurrence of circumstances. At this stage, one must decide to stay and fight or to walk out.

Juncture tells about the lives of a group people and how they intertwine with each other in a way that changes all of them. Its layers of mystery that are circumvented by a simple key reverberate through the interaction of the characters.



Metamorphosis is about change. This book continues the story of Riccardo, Flynn, and George.

It explores the notion of people’s ability to change their basic personalities. Are people only able to change the externals of their lives? It is the second book in the series and follows Pathways in the Mind.

What happens to the boys after Marion dies? She had wanted to make a change in their lives to make them better people. This story raises the psychological question of nature versus nurture. Can people really change the fundamental part of themselves? It delves deeply into backgrounds of Flynn, George, and Riccardo in order to find out why they became the people they are. What would it take to induce them to change? It also looks at the role post-traumatic stress disorder can have on the life of an individual.

All three are alpha-type males. As in a pride of lions, there can be only one alpha unless their abilities are so different that they can respect each other for their individual skills. This story tells of the treachery and lies that can evolve through misconceptions of truth.

It is also a story of deep and abiding love and the ability of the human spirit to rise above life’s tragic influences and find a new beginning.



Pathways in the Mind

Pathways in the Mind

For Marion, life is experienced as a new event; she has only had basic instincts born through her unconscious mind to rely on.

Given that the conscious brain uses only a small percentage of its total power, what happens if intuition takes over using the power of the unconscious mind? Marion, who is living in isolation for months at a time with sporadic contact with only one other person, develops empathy skills to survive.

Was she born with intuitive skills never used? Or did she develop them out of necessity? Is she capable developing extra-sensory perception at an advanced level?

How far can these psychic abilities go? How can this fit into the Marion’s world view, and how does it impact on the lives of the people she eventually comes into contact with?

There are three alpha-type men who come into her life; all are flawed in some way.
Can she change them? And who would she choose?